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Is it legal to post mugshot?

Can a mugshot be removed from the Internet?

The mug shot is one of the first things that happens during the booking process if you have been arrested for any reason. States have different laws regarding the public availability of criminal records, but many make mug shots available almost immediately, and yours could be online in less than 24 hours. Is there any way to get it removed once it’s been posted?

On the surface, posting mug shots appears to be a valuable community service, but an arrest does not always result in a conviction. You may never be charged with a crime, or your case may be dismissed. Nonetheless, your published mug shot could cost you your job or reputation, causing your name to be wrongfully tarnished.


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If you want to clean up your name on Google Search and other major search engines, as well as remove private information from the internet, you’ve come to the right place.

Mugshots can help find people who have escaped or alert people when someone is out and about.

If there are legitimate reasons, search engines can suppress search results for mugshots or other information. They can remove your personal information to show that the published information is harmful or puts you in danger.

Hiring a company that specializes in removing arrest data and mugshot images from search engines and the internet, such as MARK NINJA, an online reputation repair firm, and is an excellent way to clean up your arrest record quickly and mugshot image online after an arrest report appears on web search engines such as Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo.
While these services are not free, they make it quick and easy to have your arrest record and mugshot removed from websites and search engine results; thus, they can save you a lot of time and effort.

When it reaches to raising a public court record from the internet, it is best to have the court record sealed or expunged first. Only after you have completed this should you contact a website, with the assistance of an experienced attorney, and request that your court records be removed.

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Reputation management refers to the process of continually improving how others perceive you, your business or your brand.

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The process of utilizing your company’s reputation to market your business to new leads is known as reputation marketing. 

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Following a reputation-damaging event, reputation repair can help foster positive relationships with the public and customers.

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